Channel / 24 Mar 2020

Stay Creative - Online Resources

During this challenging time, we want to make sure that our friends and supporters are still able to engage with the work we do and the wider creative offer. Here you can find a selection of free online resources to use at your leisure:

Featured work by Stephane James and Lewis Brymner

Ffotogallery Platform

@ffotogalleryplatform is an Instagram-based project created to help emerging photographers and lens-based artists make their work accessible to a wider audience, including industry professionals and peers through Ffotogallery's network, and to help create links within the photographic and artistic community.

If you’re interested in showing your own work on the platform, then simply email a short proposal including examples of your work to [email protected]

Or if you simply want to check out the work that’s on offer, then follow @ffotogalleryplatform on Instagram. Recent residents include James Sykes, Peter Britton and Josie Purcell.

European Prospects

European Prospects is an online platform developed and managed by Ffotogallery since 2013 to offer a space for European artists and cultural agents to share experience and practice, and to achieve wider exposure for their work in Europe and beyond. The initial impetus came from an international collaborative programme examining questions of identity and experience in Europe through the prism of photography and lens-based media.

As well as a growing resource of European photographers and their work, the platform shares opportunities for photographers and artists, news of collaborative events and projects and acts as a tool for research and wider discussion of pan-European issues.


Ffotoview was originally launched in 2018 to celebrate Ffotogallery’s 40th anniversary, and is an online monthly calendar featuring a new artist each month. In 2018 we showcased twelve artists whose projects and/or backgrounds are routed in Wales. The online presentation was also realised as a physical exhibition in Cardiff.

In 2019, to coincide with our international project The Place I Call Home, we featured recent work from some of the commissioned artists. The Place I Call Home explores the idea of home related to the experiences of people living in the Gulf and the UK at a time of rapid change and social mobility. All of the artists are either GCC nationals working/living in the UK, or UK nationals working/living in the GCC states of Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The Place I Call Home

The Place I Call Home is an exhibition curated by David Drake, Director of Ffotogallery, the national photography agency for Wales. It explores the idea of home related to the experiences of people living in the Gulf and the UK at a time of rapid change and social mobility. It forms part of the British Council’s Gulf Culture and Sport programme – a three year programme funded by the Foreign Office.

The project is now coming to an end, having been exhibited ten times in seven different countries, but you can still explore the project website to find out more about the participating artists, and visit the ‘Stories’ page where you’ll find videos, photos and texts created throughout the project’s duration.

Diffusion Festival

Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography is a month-long festival of exhibitions, discussions, performances, events and celebrations in both physical and virtual spaces and places. The theme of the most recent edition in 2019 was Sound+Vision, exploring the relationship between sound, photography and lens-based media, and how in contemporary visual culture the transmission, presentation and reading of images is influenced by sound, and likewise how music is experienced visually as well as aurally.

Take a look at the Diffusion ‘Channel’ page to find videos, interviews and virtual tours, and you can explore what we did in 2017, 2015, and 2013 too.

Ffotogallery Website

Here you can explore past exhibitions, events, projects and books.

Keep checking back on our main website for the latest updates, and if you want to receive these updates directly to your inbox then you can subscribe to the mailing list here.