Other Spaces

The artist Jo Longhurst’s new body of work develops her interest in perfection. She turns her enquiry into notions of the ideal body to the pursuit of perfect performance, exploring the physical and emotional experiences of elite gymnasts in training and competition. The works incorporate classic photographic portraiture, appropriated photographs and hybrid photographic works inspired by Plato’s Perfect solids, and Popova & Rodchenko’s revolutionary experiments with aesthetic forms for the construction of a new, Utopian society.

The book reveals how Longhurst worked with a body of original photographic source material, sketches & studies made as visiting artist at Heathrow Gymnastic Club and at the World Gymnastics Championships. Longhurst transforms photographic images into more sculptural works, which reference Plato & the Constructivists’ earlier attempts to define and create Perfect worlds. Gymnastics has a long social and political history and one often entwined with an idea of aesthetic Perfection.

Texts by Charlotte Cotton, Sara Knelman, David Drake and Alfredo Cramerotti. Co-published by Ffotogallery and Mostyn to coincide with the exhibition Jo Longurst: Other Spaces shown at Mostyn, 16 June – 7 October 2012 and Ffotogallery, 20 October – 26 January 2013.