Event / 18 Oct 2023

Photovoice Webinar with Dr Deborah Chinn

A practical online workshop on photovoice: participatory photography with marginalized groups

Dr Deborah Chinn, lead researcher for the Feeling at Home study, will introduce ‘photovoice’, a participatory research and community development method in which people tell their stories, share their experiences, and work towards improving their lives through photography. Images from the Feeling at Home study are currently on exhibition at Ffotogallery from the 11th to the 21st of October 2023.

This online session will be of interest to artists and photographers who want to use participatory approaches to include community members in their practice, and community groups and individuals who are curious about how they can use participatory photography to bring about social change.

In this interactive session, Deborah will give attendees the chance to practice photovoice themselves in a photovoice taster activity. She will then explain how we used participatory photography in our research to explore what helps people with learning disabilities living in group homes feel ‘at home’. She will discuss the benefits of using this method to share meaning, the challenges we faced in interpretation, and the impact the photovoice process had – on participants, exhibition visitors, and the research team.