Photographing People

Photographing People
© David Hunter
Photographing People
© Steve Kinnersley
Photographing People
© Craig Morton

This course explores factors involved in producing insightful portraits. Through photographing people in a variety of situations and lighting conditions and looking at work by contemporary and historical photographers, students develop an understanding of the subject / photographer relationship. Practical techniques such as lighting control and fill-in flash are also developed.

The aim of this short course is to:
Develop an understanding of the history, underlying concepts and practice of photographing people. This course will develop the student’s skills in producing insightful portraits, specifically the ability to see, identify and record subject matter which depicts people, their interests, situations and lifestyles in a clear visual statement. The student will gain skills in interpreting the work of others practicing within the field, and will develop the ability to critically reflect on and interpret their own images within the wider context of photographing people. This course will develop an understanding of the communicative potential of photography, alongside a practical ability to present a project that demonstrates sound judgements in accordance with the basic theories and concepts of photographing people.

The course is accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University, to the value of 20 Higher Education credits at Level 4. Students who wish to obtain the accreditation must submit a portfolio and workbook at the end of the course and achieve a Pass grade. Submitting work for accreditation is not compulsory.

Dates - 2019

Saturdays from 18th May 2019, 10.30am-4.30pm (five fortnightly sessions) - Kate Mercer