Nowhere But Here

In February 2011, Ffotogallery hosted a daylong celebration of Welsh sound and music in response to James Morris’s A Landscape Of Wales exhibition.

During the day Turner House was a hub of artist-led, practical sound-making workshops for families, followed by an evening of intimate musical performances.

NOISE Artists Murray Ward and Casey Raymond enabled younger children to explore the world of amplified sound, with contacts mics, guitars and electronic oddities on hand to create big noise from little bodies. SOUND Composer and musician Matthew Lovett and students from UWN’s Creative Sound & Music helped children record and edit found sounds. SONG Songwriters Sweet Baboo and H. Hawkline raucously guided a gaggle of children and parents through writing our very own song! Making up new words and singing your lungs out was very much encouraged.

The evening performers were Sweet Baboo, H.Hawkline, Failed Nasa Experiment, Trwbador and Jemma Roper.