Channel / 2 May 2018

Meet the Team - Lisa Edgar

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I would call myself an Artist Educator. Worked for 30 years in the visual arts in Wales in a wide range of roles and responsibilities an artist, arts manager, curator, writer, and have focussed on participatory art, learning and engagement.

What is your role at Ffotogallery and what does this involve?

My Job as Head of Education is to promote understanding and participation in contemporary photography and lens based media, and to provide wide access to Ffotogallery’s exhibition programme. We do this through a challenging programme of workshops, talks, events, as well as an accredited course programme, large scale participatory projects, artists residencies and online learning resources. We work closely with schools and colleges to embed contemporary art practice in formal education, and give young people in Wales the opportunity to develop practical skills, criticality, and visual literacy to understand the visual language of the world around them.

What inspired you to work in the arts?

My mum.

Have you got a favourite Project or Exhibition you’ve been involved with at Ffotogallery?

Vision On. We developed a season of exhibitions, talks and events by artists exploring the creative possibilities of new technologies. It left us feeling very positive and excited about the future.

Tell me something interesting about yourself?

Before going to art college to study photography, I trained as a Montessori teacher. It gave me a lifelong interest in progressive learning methods and the incredible life-changing potential for everyone to learn, adapt, and think creatively.