Channel / 2 May 2018

Meet the Team - Esther Morris

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Esther and after going to University in Aberystwyth, I've made Wales my home for about 13 years and now live with my husband, in the valleys not far from Caerphilly.

A long time ago I was a Drama Teacher, but I've had a lot of various jobs including with the Welsh Assembly, Forestry Commission and Welsh National Opera, and I joined the Ffotogallery Team in March 2017. I sing in a Cardiff female voice choir called Sororitas.

What is your role at Ffotogallery and what does this involve?

I am the Business Manager which means I look after anything operational and financial, as well as assisting with planning and co-ordinating events, I'm also involved with fundraising and business development and overseeing company communications and administration. Every day at Ffotogallery is different and I can find myself doing anything from one day to the next, even driving vans, painting walls and hanging pictures!

What inspired you to work in the arts?

I've always wanted a career in the arts, which is why I studied Drama and theatre studies at University. I am passionate about performance and visual art and firmly believe that it should be attractive and accessible to all. Arts and Culture are the foundation of our existence and I feel lucky that my work is also something I value and enjoy.

Have you got a favourite project or exhibition you’ve been involved with at Ffotogallery?

I started shortly before the third 'Diffusion' festival and was lucky to be involved with all aspects of putting on the festival. I loved that we took artwork into unusual and public spaces, I loved that it gave opportunities to reach new audiences, especially through public intervention, people could 'find' art without coming into a conventional gallery, and that's very cool.

Tell me a fun fact about yourself?

I've been to three different Disneylands, and sang twice at the Royal Albert Hall.